Mason Conservation Commission
16 Darling Hill Road
Mason, NH 03048

Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month, 7 PM at Mann House (except July & August)

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes (2007 to present)

Conservation Commission documents:


Conservation Plan 2019 (.PDF 1.7 MB)
The Conservation Plan for Mason is now completed, thanks to all who contributed their ideas.
The Plan's Vision, Goals, and Recommendations, with Steps for Town Boards to Implement the Plan, are all set forth in only 7 pages! A review of Mason's Natural Resources Inventory is included in the Appendices as background for the Conservation Plan.

Map of Mason Conservation lands (2018)(.PDF 2.2 MB)

Map of Invasive Species in Mason (2011), 8.5"x11"(.PDF 2.2 MB)

Map of Invasive Species in Mason (2011), 24"x24"(.PDF 1.8 MB)

List of Mason conservation lands, conservation easements, or other Town owned or untaxed lands (as of July 10, 2011)(.PDF 12 KB)

Boston & Maine 1981 "val sheet" maps of Mason Railroad Trail (.PDF 1.3 MB)

Boston & Maine high resolution 1"=100' "val sheet" maps of Mason Railroad Trail (10 TIF files totalling 1.5 MB from NH Division of Parks and Recreation)
Note: includes sections in Greenville & Wilton that are not part of Mason RR Trail.

Mason Conservation Fact sheet, as of March 2011)(.PDF 880 KB)

Mason Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) page - February 2012 DRAFT report & Maps
This DRAFT version will be presented again on Thursday April 18, 2012, at 7:30 PM at the Town Hall for public comment and input.
The NRI is one of the few Conservation Commission tasks specifically mandated by RSA 6-A:2. Many Commissions choose to contract the work out to their Regional Planning Commissions. However such contracts are expensive ($15,000 was quoted for Mason's NRI) and, as they are done by ousiders, tend to be somewhat generic.
Mason's Conservation Commission decided to use local expertise to provide a very detailed and Mason-specific NRI. Work was begun in mid-2009; approximately 1,000 hours of volunteer work has been done to date.

Botanical Inventory of Mason Quarry Conservation Area, 2013 (PDF, 2.7MB)
The Mason Quarry Conservation Area is comprised of over 232 acres of contiguous conservation land in the heart of Mason. The 110-acre parcel containing the quarry was generously gifted to the Town by its owners, George Schwenk and Richard Morley. The purpose of this botanical inventory, made possible by a generous donation from Catherine Schwenk, was to establish a vital baseline to help guide the Town of Mason Conservation Commission to protect and conserve the botanical heritage of this newly acquired conservation easement.

Botanical Inventory of Mason Brook Headwaters, 2015 (PDF, 3.9MB)
In 2015, the New England Wild Flower Society conducted a botanical inventory of the Mason Brook Headwaters for the Town of Mason. The inventory covers Nose Meadow where Mason Brook begins, as well as parcel E-7 upstream, and 139 acres of conservation land downstream given to the town by Bronson Potter.
This botanical report includes the results of the inventory, a discussion of the findings, visuals aides such as maps and photographs, and management recommendations for the Area.
This project was made possible by a generous donation from Catherine Schwenk.

Mason Natural Resources Inventory (short form)(.PDF 76 KB)

"Record of Volunteer Status" form (RSA 508:17 volunteer immunity) for CC projects(.PDF 76 KB)

Big Cats Survey Form (.PDF 80 KB) used to report sitings of Mountain Lions / Cougars in Mason.


2019_09_Rail_Trail_Work.pdf (.PDF 29 KB) Rail trail maintenance is starting on September 30 as the weather is cooperating after two years! Funding is through a generous grant from the Preston Family Trust and NH Charitable Foundation.

2013_RR_Trestle_Final_Report.pdf (.PDF 964 KB) Final report on the Mason RR Trail Jackson Road Trestle repair project, July 2013. The Commission was awarded a NH RTP grant which covered most of the cost.
2013_BlackBrk_Knotweed_Control.pdf (.PDF 480 KB) Report about Knotweed control work along the Mason RR Trail, July 2013. This work counted as part of the grant matching for the above trestle repair grant.

Links to other documents:

Information about Asian Long Horned Beetle Spring 2009 Hillsborough County Conservation District Newsletter (PDF 73 KB)

Information files from NH Forest Protection Bureau - Forest Health Section about Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) which is infesting Mason's hemlock trees, and also about Elongate Hemlock Scale (EHS) which has been found to the East of us can be found here.

The UNH Cooperative Extension also maintains a website with up to date information about Hemlock Wooly Adelgids and other problem bugs at

Since quite a bit of timber harvesting happens in Mason, the Conservation Commission thinks this Guide to New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Laws (5.6 MB PDF) from the UNH Cooperative Extension would be helpful. We would especially like to draw attention to the maps on pages 27 and 29 of this guide, showing all the setbacks required by the Basal Area Law and the Slash Law.

Special Events

2012 Mason Conservation Commission Programs in Memory of Florence Roberts

These programs are in memory of Florence Roberts, conservationist, nature lover and member of the Mason Conservation Commission for 35 years. She donated the 39 acre forest on Valley Road so the southern entrance to town will remain wild forever. Mason Scouts recently completed a trail through the forest that is available for walking and hiking. Access points are across from the cemetery and just north of the Uncle Sam House.

These programs are funded by donations, not tax dollars. For more information, contact Barbara DeVore at 732-3761 or

All programs are at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Watch for news on possible upcoming programs!
"Curious Naturally" by Mary Holland
Drug Take Back Program in conjunction with Mason PD
Bee Keeping

Previous Mason Conservation Commission Programs in Memory of Florence Roberts

Chestnut Program, Wednesday, January 25, 2012, at 7:00 PM.
Join Wildlife Biologist, Curt Laffin, as he discusses the history and demise of the American chestnut tree and efforts by the American Chestnut Foundation to restore it locally and throughout its historic range. There may be healthy American chestnut trees in Mason that can be used as "mother trees". Learn about the 900 chestnut trees growing in a nursery in Peterborough.

Animal Tracking Program, Saturday, February 11, 2012, at 9:00 AM.
Join master tracker Jon Sargent AM to discover what animals have been out and about. Plan to meet at railroad trail by Pratt Pond, on Pratt Pond Road, then proceed to a near-by area where tracks are likely to be plentiful. Participants should dress in layers; it is better to overdress than be cold. Of course snow cover will be preferable. Depending on the snow depth, snow shoes may be an option. No dogs, please!
On a recent expedition in north Mason, Jon found tracks of the following critters: bobcat, red fox, coyote, black bear, long tail weasel, ruffed grouse, deer mouse, white tailed deer, porcupine, gray squirrel, and snowshoe hare.
If you have questions, e-mail Jon at or call Barbara DeVore at 732.3761.

2011 Programs (click for details):

Animal Tracking Program with naturalist Jon Sargent
Orchids with John Crooker
Eyes on Owls with Marcia Wilson
Salamander Migration with Rick Glatz
Spoon Making with Spoonwood by Dan Dustin
Mountain Lions with Bill Betty

2010 Programs (click for details):

Animal Tracking in Winter with Jon Sargent,
Outdoor Tracking Session with Jon Sargent,
Coyotes and Wolves in the New England Landscape with Chris Schadler,
Salamander Migration with Rick Glatz,
This Yard is for the Birds - Landscaping for Wildlife by Margaret Hagen WMUR TV and UNH Extension Service,
Ticks and Human Diseases They Spread in New Hampshire by Dr. Alan Eaton,
Dragonflies with Jeff Young,
Hawk Migration with Francie Von Mertens,
Mushroom Hunt with Reta Chaffee MacGregor,
Alaska Wilderness: Canoe Journey into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with Marcia and Mark Wilson