Mason School Board
16 Darling Hill Rd
Mason, NH 03048
Tel: 878-2962 Fax: 878-3439

School Board meetings: usually 2nd and 4th Monday, 7:00 PM at Mason School unless rescheduled - check the Calendar for actual dates!

Mason Elementary School (K-5) begins September 1, 2010

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School Board Meeting Minutes

School Board documents:

PROPOSED 2012-13 Mason School District Budget as presented at January 9, 2012, final budget hearing and approved for ballot at February 4, 2012, SB2 Deliberative Session.

2012_01_09_Mason_School_District_Budget_2012-13_on_Ballot_main.pdf budget itself (PDF 52 KB)

2012_01_09_Mason_School_District_Budget_2012-13_on_Ballot_Tax_Rate.pdf tax rate calculations (PDF 20 KB) Excel spreadsheet ( 84 KB)

PROPOSED 2012-13 Mason School District Budget as of January 9, 2012.
This is the budget as presented at the School Board Budget Hearing on January 9, 2012.

2012_01_04_Mason_School_District_PROPOSED_Budget_2012-13.pdf (PDF 436 KB)

2012_01_04_Mason_School_District_PROPOSED_Budget_2012-13_with_changes.pdf (PDF 400 KB) which includes notes about changes to facilitate understanding.

The 18-slide PowerPoint presentation shown at the hearing, converted to Web pages

2012_01_09_Proposed_Budget_Presentation.ppt (PowerPoint presentation 1.5 MB) 18 slides shown at the hearing. Download only if you have PowerPoint

PROPOSED 2012-13 Mason School District Budget as of December 12, 2011.
This is the budget as presented at the School Board Budget Hearing Dec 12, 2011. Next Budget Hearing is January 9th at 7 PM at MES.

2011_11_29_Mason School_District_PROPOSED_Budget_2012-13.pdf (PDF 56 KB)

2011_11_29_Mason (Excel spreadsheet, 68 KB)

PROPOSED 2012-13 Mason School District Budget as of November 29, 2011.
This is the budget as presented at the PREVIOUS School Board Budget Hearing November 29, 2011.

2011_11_29_Mason School_District_PROPOSED_Budget_2012-13.pdf (PDF 44 KB)

2011_11_29_Mason (Excel spreadsheet, 64 KB)

Mason School Committee - 2010

DOE reports for school year ending June 30, 2010:

101018 DOE-25 Annual Financial Report (TIF 3.7 MB)

101018 MS-24 Revised Estimated Revenues (TIF 108 KB)

101018 MS-25 School Financial Report (TIF 664 KB)

Mason DOE-25 for FY 2010.xls (XLS 252 KB)

The School Board's Administration Staff Structuring Committee (ASSC) has completed its work and presented its report to the School Board on April 12, 2010.
The report consists of the following, all of which can be downloaded as PDF files

Committee Presentation to School Board, April 12, 2010

Job Description: Superintendent

Job Description: Special Education Administrator

Job Description: Business Manager

Job Description: District Administrative Assistant

Job Description: Elementary School Principal

in addition the Tanguay Report referenced in the above ASSC Report

SCHOOL DISTRICT BUDGET AND WARRANT FOR 2010 Vote (March 9) and District Meeting (March 16):

Articles 1 (election of School Board member) & 2 (SB2 for School District) for March 9, 2010, ballot vote (PDF 76 KB)

Articles 3...7 for March 16, 2010, Mason School District Annual Meeting (PDF 68 KB)

Proposed District Budget (EXCEL 140 KB)

SAMPLE BALLOTS for March 9, 2010, voting:

School Articles ballot 2010 (PDF 56 KB)

School Officers ballot 2010 (PDF 32 KB)

"SAU/District Organizational Review" by Tanguay Educational Consulting Services, February 22, 2010. (commissioned by School Board) (.PDF 144 K)

Mason School Committee - 2009

Mason School District PUBLIC NOTICE: "2009 Withdrawal Plan for the Mason School District From School Administrative Unit #63" (.PDF 284 K)

Message from our Elementary School Principal, August 2009 - school hours, etc. (.PDF 52 K)

School Tax Rates, Estimated Full Year Impact (.PDF scan 28K) provided by Mary McDonald at Town Meeting, March 11, 2009

School bond worksheets (.PDF 180K) from Mary McDonald, March 11, 2009

The printed Mason School District Report for Year Ending 6/30/2009 is now available at the Town Offices. Scanned version can be downloaded below

Mason School District Report - Year Ending 6/30/2009 (.PDF scan 772K)

Model of addition - from inside cover of above report (.PDF scan 1.1M)

from Saturday March 7, 2009, Mason School Building Committee Meeting:

School District Warrant 2009 (.PDF scan 160K)

School District Budget 2009 (.PDF scan 108K)

School District Operating Budget 2009 (.PDF 64K)

Building Committee Presentation, March 7, 2009 (PowerPoint 5.6M)

- - -

Barker Building Needs Study Draft (Jul 08) (.PDF 1M) from Wolf Millbrandt

Links to other sources of information (thanks to Joan Losee)

NH DoE School Building Aid

NH DoE High Performance School Information

New Hampshire Partnership for High Performance Schools

NCEF Federal Funding Stimulus for School Construction

NCEF Mitigating Hazards in School Facilities