The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan), "Northeast Energy Direct Project" pipeline proposal, FERC Docket No. PF14-22-000, was changed December 8, 2014, to move the main East/West 36 inch 1500 PSI pipeline from Northern Massachusetts into Southern NH. The revised pipeline would pass through the towns of Winchester, Richmond, Fitzwilliam, Troy, Rindge, New Ipswich, Greenville, Mason, Brookline, Milford, Amherst, Merrimack, Litchfield, Londonderry, Hudson, Windham and Pelham.
In addition a smaller 12 inch Southbound "lateral" to Fitchburg would cut through Mason.
A very large 80,000 HP compressor station is planned for somewhere along the Eastern New Ipswich - Greenville - Western Mason pathway.

Comments and Letters sent to FERC

I have collated all the textual comments in FERC Dockets for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline / Kinder Morgan NED project (PF14-22 during pre-filing, succeeded by CP16-21 for the Application) into easy to access PDF files. Many of the comments are very thoughtful, informative and very well worth reading!
At present the collection is composed of 9 PDF volumes:
The most recent volume is always FERC_COMMENTS.pdf. At present this is Volume 9 containing comments from February 1, 2016, to present   (1.6 MB, pages 6,831 to 7,218).
Each volume contains links to all previous volumes in the set.
Volume 8 covers comments in January, 2016: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_8.pdf   (5.6 MB, pages 5,346..6,830).
Volume 7 covers comments in November & December, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_7.pdf   (2.3 MB, pages 4,736..5,345).
Volume 6 covers comments in October, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_6.pdf   (4.5 MB, pages 3,591..4,735).
Volume 5 covers comments in September, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_5.pdf   (1.3 MB, pages 3,281..3,590).
Volume 4 covers comments in August, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_4.pdf   (5.4 MB, pages 1,885..3,280).
Volume 3 covers comments from June 1 to July 31, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_3.pdf   (2.7 MB, pages 1,140..1,884).
Volume 2 covers comments from March 1, 2015, through May 31, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_2.pdf   (2.1 MB, pages 580..1,139).
Volume 1 covers comments from the start in September 2014 through February 28, 2015: FERC_COMMENTS_vol_1.pdf   (2.2 MB, pages 1..579). Note: Volume 1 (r2) was updated June 8, 2015, to include previously missing entries, adding about 50 pages.

A Table of Contents of selected comments in FERC_COMMENTS is in FERC_Comments_TOC.pdf   At present it is updated through May 3, 2016. (228 KB, pages 1..32)

A Table of Contents for the Nov 20, 2015, TGP NED APPLICATION is at 20151120-5227_TOC.pdf  (256 KB, pages 1..22). It contains links for downloading files of interest from FERC. The Application itself contains 193 files totalling 4.3 GB.

Transcripts of FERC Scoping Meetings are in FERC_Scoping_Transcripts.pdf   It contains transcripts of all 14 Scoping meetings through the last on September 29, 2015, in Rindge, NH. (2.4 MB, pages 1..589)

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company submitted a Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification application in November 2015 to NH DES.
Under NH statute 91-A ("Right-to-Know"), the NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition received almost 4 GB data for communications pertaining to this application. This data can be found at: NH_DES.
See the "Table of Contents" at NH_DES_TOC.pdf.
Their application is CWA water quality certification app.pdf (PDF, 65.6 MB).
The attachments to the application are in "KM-CWA 401 WATER QUALITY CERTIFICATE ATTACHMENT A 11-2015". These consist of 65 PDF files in 27 folders/directories totalling 3.49 GB.
In addition, 363 emails were provided; these have been collated into a single document NHDES_EMAIL_TXT_ALL.pdf (PDF 1.6 MB, 468 pages) which also lists the names any attached files.
Those attached files can be found in EM_TXT within the folders listed in NHDES_EMAIL_TXT_ALL.pdf, or the individual emails, with attachments, can be found in EM_MSG in original Outlook .MSG format or in EM_EML in .EML format.
Finally, number of separate documents (.PDF, .DOCX, .XLS, etc.) outside of the application package were provided; these are found in the DOCs folder.

My analysis of Municipal Responses in MA and NH to NED (July 17, 2015) is at MA+NH_Municip_Resp_to_NED.pdf   (828 KB, 190 pages). The "meat" of the report is in the first few pages, the rest are supporting data. It is already a bit out of date as the number of NH towns in official opposition has since changed from 17/19 to 19/19, i.e., to 100% opposed.

Steve Frades publishes an excellent graphical summary of comments sent to FERC: FERC_eComment_Analysis.pdf (1 MB) The current version summarizes comments through October, 2015

Nick Miller of Groton, Mass, has written an excellent critique of the FERC process. Originally published as 7 separate "comments" sent to FERC, he has now published it as a single 7-chapter document (also submitted as comment 20150331-5100 to FERC). Click to download his Fix_FERC_First.pdf, 18 pages, 367 KB

My critique of Kinder Morgan's use of a misleading picture of the "Pelham Compressor" in their presentations: 2015_03_21_FERC_re_KM.pdf (232 KB). Now part of the FERC docket as 20150323-5074.

Maps showing the pipeline pathways through all affected towns

Click here to access maps of all affected towns

Latest March 13, 2015, TGP detailed maps (1" = 200') for Mason, NH

20150313-5090(30329553).pdf 37 MB Main 36" pipeline. Pages 1-6: New Ipswich, 7-8: Greenville into Mason; 9-12: Mason into Milford.

20150313-5090(30329562).pdf 19 MB Fitchburg Lateral 12" pipeline. Pages 1 - 5: Mason to Townsend MA; pages 6-15 through Townsend & Lunenburg.

Miscellaneous information

from Dennis Gauvin and John Kieley, 24 Nov 2015: "New Hampshire - Not The Next Minisink!" a presentation on the health problems in Minisink, NY, resulting from the installation of a 12,260 HP natural gas compressor station. "Although not a KM/TGP project the story and results here will be the same! This story did happen. It continues to happen and will happen here unless we do things differently! "
Video presentation:
   Community link via Brookline
Just the slides in PDF format (34 slides, 696 KB) for easy access to the links to references: Minisink.pdf

from Dennis Gauvin, 17 Nov 2015:Dennis' list of links to useful reference materials, originally titled "What part of insane don't you understand". Dennis_Gauvin_links.pdf (PDF, 10 pages, 256 KB).

PipelineEnhancements.pdf (40 KB) Planned Enhancements, Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline Systems (as of 3-16-15), prepared by the Northeast Gas Association (NGA), March 2015. Based on publicly-available information; details may change.

from Barbara DeVore, 10 Feb 2015: Mason land owners who are on the proposed pipeline route or in the incineration zone , please read!
Sergeant Kevin Maxwell has an important update regarding denying permission for surveying on your land. He needs a COPY OF YOUR LETTER OF DENIAL on file at our police department, not just a statement of that fact. Please e-mail to; fax to 878 0859; or snail mail to 38 Darling Hill Road, Mason, 03048.
The Public Library has a copy machine if you need access to one.
Please let your neighbors and friends know about this revised request.

In case you missed earlier posts, Sergeant Maxwell booted a surveyor off town land by the ball field last week. A company supervisor is to meet with him before they return to town. Kevin's paperwork needs to be in order so he will have a strong case in court.

Find your elected officials (all affected NH towns)

Click here for a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for US Senators & Representatives, NH Governor, NH Senators, Representatives and Executive Council members elected by the affected towns.

Questions_for_Senator_Avard_to_ask_Governor_Hassan.pdf (72 KB) This is a list of questions gathered on one day's notice by Melanie L. Patterson M.A., for Senator Avard to take with him to his January 22, 2015, meeting with Governor Hassan. Melanie's email: " Hello all. I have attached the complete list of questions you and a bunch of other people submitted that Senator Avard is presenting to Governor Hassan today... When I sent them, I emphasized the request residents made for Governor Hassan to come here and talk to all of us, and pointed out that the approximately 60 questions were just a small representation of our collective feelings/thoughts about this pipeline in NH, since we only had 24 hours to gather them."

Articles, Books, Studies and Reports related to Natural Gas Pipelines

Click here to access Articles, Books, Studies and Reports related to Natural Gas Pipelines

Links to discussions about the pipeline

Note: these are external sites.


Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline NED website

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) "eLibrary":

To see all FERC correspondence click on "General Search" under Search options, then
set Date Range as desired, (selecting "Previous 1 year" will find them all at present)
for "Docket Number: " enter CP16-21 (was PF14-22 during pre-filing)
then click on Submit button at bottom of page

The NRPC (Nashua Regional Planning Commission), Mason's regional planning authority, has a web page that is dedicated to the NED Pipeline project: h

"NH citizens for a sustainable energy future"
NOTE: not to be confused with or The domain used by both was registered April 2014 by Paradigm, a Kansas company which specializes in "Public Awareness Programs" for the pipeline industry; see for Paradigm's site)

"No-Mason-Pipeline" Google group set up by Mason resident John Cooper!forum/No-Mason-Pipeline

"Massachusetts Pipeline Awareness Network"

"No Fracked Gas In Mass"

"Stop the Pipeline"

"Stop the Pipeline Coordinating Committee of Groton, Mass"

"Stop NED"

New Ipswich Pipeline Information Website

"Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust" Responding to a Proposed Gas Pipeline (website page) Mostly about Massachusetts issues, but contains valuable information relevant to NH as well.

"Northern Middlesex Council of Governments" Northeast Municipal Gas Pipeline Coalition: Information and Materials. Source of some informative documents.

"No NEXUS 42" Gas Pipeline" Pipeline from Ohio to Michigan to Ontario
Page focusing on compressor stations

"Follow the Money" source of information about political donations.

Table at right from: "Local Government Guide to Pipelines" by Pipeline Safety Trust, 2014

Information about FERC process, Taking by Eminent Domain and Landowner rights

Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When an Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes to Your Community A Legal and Practical Guide for States, Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations and Landowners On How the FERC Pipeline Certification Process Works and How You Can Participate
   FINALTAGguide.pdf (1.1 MB, 64 pages)
Prepared by Carolyn Elefant, Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant, Washington D.C. contact: 202-297-6100 (May 17, 2010)

Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines: Process and Timing of FERC Permit Application Review
  CRS_R43138.pdf (377 KB, 17 pages)  
by Congressional Research Service, July 2013

An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? What Do I Need to Know?
   citz-guide-gas.pdf (4.2 MB, 17 pages, )
Huge file size is due to inclusion of background images on every page!
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Updated August 2013

"The Castle Coalition" describes itself as "the Institute for Justice's nationwide grassroots property rights activism project.". It provides an "Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide", 1.8 MB, 34 page guide which can be downloaded from its site.

From C. Moser for the "legal minded": information about the Federal Natural Gas Act:
The entire Natural Gas Act
Just the part about proving necessity to FERC and eminent domain
NH statute relative to takings by utilities including pipelines authorized by FERC per Federal Natural Gas Act. See in particular RSA 371:15.

FERC "statements of policy for certificating new pipeline construction"
   STATEMENT OF POLICY, September 15, 1999 PL99-3-000.pdf (32 pages, 92 KB)
   ORDER CLARIFYING STATEMENT OF POLICY, February 9, 2000 PL99-3-001.pdf (24 pages, 72 KB)
   ORDER FURTHER CLARIFYING STATEMENT OF POLICY, July 28, 2000 PL99-3-002.pdf (6 pages, 24 KB)

Letter from TGP to landowners, December 12, 2014:
TGP letter as a PDF scan
TGP letter converted by OCR to text 
Note: OCR makes mistakes so consider the PDF scanned version the official copy.
Analysis of the TGP letter by MassPLAN December 17, 2014.

Email documents sent to Town of Mason by Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co:
December 18, 2014, documents   include 6 PDF files and one PowerPoint presentation.

TGP (Tennesee Gas Pipeline Co.) Resource Reports - March 13, 2015, release

TGP/Kinder Morgan has issued their latest Resource Reports and Maps. This is a very large amount of information - almost 1 GB in total.
No Fracked Gas in Mass ( has renamed these files into useful names and is making them accessible HERE.

Maps provided by TGP (Tennesee Gas Pipeline Co.)

TGP map showing route from Pennsylvania through Mason to Maine
TGP_NED_Route_Map_PA_to_ME.pdf (2.8 MB)
originally named "Route Map.pdf"

TGP map showing only route in NH
TGP_NED_NH_Region_Map_Layout_Image.png (480 KB)
originally named "Region Map Layout Image.png"

Information downloaded from FERC

Filings subsequent to December 8, 2014, revised submission

2014_12_11_TennGas_Nov_Monthly_Status_Report.pdf (36 KB) (original FERC name 20141211-5095(29974718).pdf)

December 8, 2014, revised submission moving pipelines into Mason

I downloaded and sorted through the revised proposal (700+ MB just for the Eastern part) from the FERC website. I have identified those parts which seem relevant to Mason and uploaded those files using names changed to be more descriptive, e.g. "20141208-5217(29960516).pdf" was changed to "Rindge-Milford.pdf".
Under each file I have listed the original FERC name and added some notes about the map numbers of interest.

Rindge-Milford.pdf (24.7 MB) Maps of main pipeline from Rindge to Milford including Mason.

original name 20141208-5217(29960516).pdf, contains map sheets:
81: Rindge (topo)
82: Rindge into New Ipswich
83-85: N.I.
86: N.I. into Greenville
87: Greenville into Mason
88: Mason - Pratt Pond Rd to Starch Mill Rd
89: Mason into Milford (includes start of lateral)
90: Milford into Brookline (photoquad only)

Milford-Londonderry.pdf (29.4 MB) Maps of main pipeline from Milford to Londonderry.

original name 20141208-5217(29960517).pdf, contains map sheets:
90: Milford into Brookline (topo)
91: Brookline into Milford
92: Milford
93: Milford into Ahmherst
94: Amherst into Merrimack
95: Merrimack
96: Merrimack
97: Merrimack into Litchfield
98: Litchfield into Londonderry

Mason-lateral-North.pdf (31.1 MB) Maps of the 12" lateral beginning in Mason and heading South to Mass.

original name 20141208-5217(29960523).pdf, contains map sheets:
20: Mason lateral, North end
21: Mason lateral
22: Mason lateral
23: Mason lateral into Mass (photoquad)

Mason-lateral-in-MA.pdf (32.9 MB) Maps of the 12" lateral continuing South in Mass.

original name 20141208-5217(29960524).pdf, contains map sheets:
23: Mason lateral into Mass (topo)
24: Mason lateral in MA, crossing 119
25-26: Mason lateral in MA
27: Mason lateral in MA, crossing 2A
28: Mason lateral terminus

Filing_Cover_Let.pdf (120 KB) Cover letter sent to FERC with revised proposal.

Draft_Environmental_Report.pdf (944 KB) Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

A-Federal_and_State_Regulatory_Agency_Contact_List.pdf (400 KB) Appendix A: Lists of Federal and State contacts.

C-Contact_List_and_Town_Presentations.pdf (352 KB) Appendix C: Lists of local contacts and presentations.

D-Public_Participation_Plan.pdf (92 KB) Appendix D: Public participation plan.