Town of Mason, Scheduled Hours

Please consult the official Mason website for current office hours and contact information:
    Selectmen & Town offices
    Town Clerk & Tax Collector

The OFFICIAL Mason Website ( is fully up to speed. Its webmaster can be reached at
Please consult that website for official informations, schedules, contacts, etc.

I am keeping this UNoffical site alive to provide an informal site which can be updated quickly as required by ongoing events.
An official site inevitably requires formal policies, oversight and authorization for postings; thus producing a more reliable but less agile site.

There is now a separate page for ELECTION RESULTS. (2012 ... )
March 9, 2021, Town & School Election Vote results have been added.

Mason Conservation Commission Policies for Management of Conservation Lands and Conservation Easements (2019_07_12) have been added to the Conservation page.

Mason Fuel Usage update (2019_05_15)
The spreadsheet and chart for Mason's fuel usage has been updated by Marina MacIntosh to cover 1/2015 through 2/2019. See Energy Commission page.

Mason Electrical Usage update (2019_04_27)
The spreadsheet and chart for Mason's electrical usage has been updated by Marina MacIntosh to cover 1/2015 through 2/2019. See Energy Commission page.

January 26, 2019: Town Hall Historic Building Assessment report:
As approved by voters at the annual town meeting in March 2018, the historical building assessment on Mason's town hall has been completed.
Click here to download the Weller & Michal Architects Inc. report MasonTownHall_HistoricBuildingAssessment-Jan-2019.pdf (47 pages, 11.2 MB)

September 10, 2018: Garth Fletcher has created some 24"x24" and 36"x36" maps of Mason, including a unified topo map (Mason is on 4 separate USGS maps using 2 scales and 3 different contour intervals). Also includes maps of soils, parcels, culverts, watersheds and areal photography from Fall 2010. Go to the Documents tab or click on my Mason Maps

August 2, 2018: Bob Larochelle has created updated maps:
    2018 Mason Tax Maps
    2018 Mason Conservation Lands Map
    2018 911 Map
    2018 Mason Road Map
Go to the Documents tab to find these.

Documents from the 2014 through 2016 successful battle against the pipeline. May be of interest to other communities faced with such proposals.
Includes a compilation of all citizen comments to FERC, maps of all the affected NH towns and contact information for their elected officials, collections of documents about gas pipelines, links to groups, etc.

The City of Nashua Department of Public Health & Community Services has released their "Lyme Disease Toolkit" . Details and downloads here. Inludes materials for adults, children, hikers, workers, employers and medical professionals, along with a 30 second spot and 15 minute video.
They also distributed a DVD with extra materials to the Mason Conservation Commission. I have uploaded the contents (except the very large videos) to here.

Our local food bank serving Mason, New Ipswich, Greenville and Temple needs donations. It is located at the Sacred Heart Parish (878-1121), 15 High Street, Greenville, NH . Donations can be brought during parish office hours: Monday 9am - 5pm, Tuesday 9am - 1:30pm, Wednesday 9am - 1:30pm or Thursdays 9am - 4:30pm.

The Town of Mason is looking for volunteers to serve on the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. If you are interested, send a letter of interest to, or attend a Planning Board meeting on the last Wednesday of every month.

from Fire Dept, April 17, 2015: The Fire Department now offers burn permits online. For more information, go to:

In February 2015 the Paved Road Restoration Committee published a pamphlet entitled "Five Year Recommendation" which you can download from the official website: HighwayPamphlet_2015_02_01.pdf

October 15, 2014: Available online: Application for building permits
The application for building permits is available online on the Building Inspector's General Information page

September 29, 2014: The Board of Selectmen's office hours are now:

Monday: 11 am - 3 pm
Tuesdays 11 am - 3 pm except 11 am - 2 pm on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Wednesdays: 11 am - 3 pm
Thursdays: 11 am - 3 pm

August 26, 2014: The Board of Selectmen and Conservation Commission have adopted an ordinance regulating the use the Mason Quarry Conservation Area:
Click to download the revised ordinance

2014 NH DOT road maps and road information has been added to the Documents page

The Nashua Regional Planning Commission has launched a GIS (geographic information system) parcel viewer that displays tax map parcel and assessment data. For more information, go to:

from Conservation Commission, May 3, 2014: The Botanical Inventory of Mason Quarry Conservation Area can be downloaded from here.

I have downloaded and formatted the current NH DOT data for roads which can be found here. Useful for comparing road maintenance costs between different towns.

from the Conservation Committee (14 Jan 2014): Since quite a bit of timber harvesting happens in Mason, the Conservation Commission thinks this Guide to New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Laws (5.6 MB PDF) from the UNH Cooperative Extension would be helpful. We would especially like to draw attention to the maps on pages 27 and 29 of this guide, showing all the setbacks required by the Basal Area Law and the Slash Law.

Betty Mulrey's wonderful slide show "Mason NH - Our Town!" can be viewed here
Some browsers have problems handling the above "live" presentation. You can download the entire December 3, 2013, version as a PDF file (30 MB) named Mason_Our_Town_Rev_2013_12_03.pdf

tax rate history:

2019 tax rate is    $26.24 per thousand
2018 tax rate was $25.18   "
2017 tax rate was $25.15   "
2016 tax rate was $25.21   "
2015 tax rate was $23.78   "
2014 tax rate was $23.81   "
2013 tax rate was $24.90   "
2012 tax rate was $24.75   "
2011 tax rate was $24.33   "
2010 tax rate was $21.64   "
2009 tax rate was $18.75   "

from Mason Library (Nov 5, 2013): Effective December 7, 2013 Saturday hours will change to mornings from 9 am to 12 pm.
Questions - call the Library at 878-3867.

from Alanna, Webmaster of Official Mason Website, Sep 26, 2013:
The Mason Elementary School participates in the Box Tops for Education fundraising program. With every Box Tops coupon, the school earns 10 cents through the program. How to donate your "Box Tops" to Mason Elementary School

Information files from NH Forest Protection Bureau - Forest Health Section about Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) which is infesting Mason's hemlock trees, and also about Elongate Hemlock Scale (EHS) which has been found to the East of us can be found here along with information about other pests.

I've uploaded a history of the statue of Bode which was installed in 2008 next to the Mann House. You can dowload this PDF (2.3 MB) from "The History of Bode and of his Statue".

A link to on-line copies of J.B. Hill's History of the town of Mason, N. H. from the first grant in 1749, to the year 1858., along with other references for Mason history, has been added to the Miscellaneous page.

A link to on-line copies of Proceedings of the centennial celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Mason, N.H., August 26, 1868 prepared for publication, under the direction of the Committee of Arrangements by J.B. Hill. Published 1870, along with other references for Mason history, has been added to the Miscellaneous page.

from Conservation Commission, July 24, 2013: The final report on the Mason RR Trail Jackson Road RR Trestle Restoration project (completed in June 2013) can be downloaded here .
The Commission received a NH RTP matching grant which reduced the cost to Mason's Conservation funds from $15,329 to $1,578.
Many thanks to the volunteers from Mason Area Neighborhood Equestrians, Wilton Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club, Mason Conservation Commission and friends who contributed their hard work. The size of the RTP grant was based on the total project cost PLUS the value ($3,126) of those volunteer efforts - which helped get the work done AND increased the size of the RTP grant.

from Town Clerk Deb Morrison, June 14, 2012:
We are very pleased to announce the ability to now view your tax bills online. You can view and print but we cannot accept payments online. Please go to
and click on the town of Mason. You have several search variables, so go ahead and check it out. At some point we will be adding notices or other information you may find useful.
Although we will update on a regular basis, you may happen to check on your bill before an update, so check back again a day or so later. At this time it only shows the first tax bill for 2012 but will build history as we go along.
If you need prior years information, you still need to call us -- 878-3768.

Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks on the New Hampshire Downloadable Books website are available to Mason residents with current library cards.
Downloads to your computer, mobile device, Kindle, iPod and other compatible devices

Site address:    Follow the instructions for first time users.
Prefix 4175 to your library card number,   e.g., your library card number #nnn = nh downloadable number: 4175nnn
For more information, call the Library 878-3867

School bus routes and school menus are posted on the website at

The Conservation Commission has just released new maps of the invasive species in Mason.

Updated Planning Board Subdivision & Site Plan Regulations (2010)
    See Planning Board page

Updated Planning (Zoning) Ordinance (2010)
    See below or Documents page

Property Tax Relief Form DP-8:

From Barbara Milkovitz: here is the form for Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief. This is through the State, not the town. The State usually sends the forms to anyone who's applied the previous year but, in order to save money, they are not sending any out. I got the forms off the DRA site. Time for applying is May 1st through June 30th.
New Hampshire Department Of Revenue Administration Low And Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief Form DP-8 (PDF 104 KB).

The Florence Roberts Conservation Commission programs are posted on the Conservation Commission page.

Susan Wagoner, Town Clerk & Tax Collector, forwarded some information about sources for assistance for homeowners who may be having trouble paying their mortgage or dealing with the bank.

The Mason Fire-EMS Department is in need of new members! For information see the Fire-EMS Department page.

There has been much interest and some confusion surrounding the School budget. I was looking for an answer to my question of "how much do we pay for our School system and how is that changing from year to year". To help answer that question I have prepared tables which show the actual dollar amounts charged to Mason's taxpayers "NET School cost to taxpayers" for the School Budgets for the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-2013 school years.
This NET cost to taxpayers is more useful than "Tax rates" which mingle and confuse the effects of changing property valuations with changes in budgets. For example an increase in Town valuation can decrease the Tax Rate without changing the actual NET taxes raised, and vice-versa.

From Garth Fletcher, December 3, 2011: I have updated my "Historical Taxation in Mason" spreadsheet to cover 1972 through 2011.

Addresses, phone numbers and meeting schedules:

Town Offices & Library
Mann House, 16 Darling Hill Rd
Mason, NH 03048

Tel: 878-2070,   Fax:878-4892
Eml: Selectmen's Office
Meetings: Second & fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM

Town Clerk, Tax Collector
Tel: 878-3768,   Fax: 878-4892
Eml: Town Clerk

Mason Police Department
38 Darling Hill Rd
Mason, NH 03048-4615
Tel: 878-1111 (business, dispatch), Fax: 878-0859
Emergency: 911
Eml: Police Department

Mason Highway Department
83 Depot Road
Mason, NH 03048
Tel: 878-2279 (business, dispatch)
Eml: Highway Department

Mason Fire-EMS Department
101 Depot Road
Mason, NH 03048
Tel: 878-2208 (business, dispatch)
Emergency: 911
Eml: Fire Department

Mason Health Officer
Tel: 878-2070,   Fax:878-4892

Planning Board
Meetings: Last Wednesday of the month, 7:30 PM at Mann House
Scheduling & Applications:
   Steve Wagner
   Nashua Regional Planning Comm.
   9 Executive Park Drive, Suite 201
   Merrimack, NH 03054-4058
   Ph: (603) 424-2240 x25
   Fx: (603) 424-2230

Building Inspector
Tel: 878-2070 (Town Offices)
Fax: 878-4892
Eml: Building Inspector
Note to residents, tradesmen or supply houses (e.g., Lowes, Home Depot, etc.): When a building permit is required (before construction) it must be applied for from this office only. Please use the above contact information to schedule an appointment. A message may be left at either phone number and will be returned promptly.

Board of Adjustment
Meetings: Third Monday of the month, 7:30 PM at Mann House

Conservation Commission
Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month, 7 PM at Mann House (except July & August)

Mason Energy Commission
Eml: Mason Energy Comm
Meetings: First Monday of the month, 7 PM at Mann House (except December)

Mason Public Library
Tel: 878-3867,   Fax: 878-6146
Eml: Mason Library

Wilton Recycling Center
Tel: 654-6150
WEB: Recycling Center

Nashua Regional Planning Commission
Tel: 424-2240, Fax: 424-2230
WEB: NRPC Meeting Minutes & Reports
9 Executive Park Drive, Suite 201
Merrimack, NH 03054

Town of Mason documents:

Town Documents Maps, Town reports, Town Meeting minutes, presentations, etc.

PLANNING (Zoning) ORDINANCE, revised March 2010, file:MAS251-2010-1_ZN_BC_Ord_Gen_Info_amended_3_2010.pdf, 272 KB
Including: Floodplain Development Ordinance, BUILDING CODE (April 2004) and GENERAL INFORMATION: Emergency & Town Office Telephone Numbers, Map of Zoning Districts & Tax Maps, FEMA Flood Hazard Boundary Maps, and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Effective Date: September 25, 2009

Mason School Board: Budgets, reports, presentations, etc.

Mason Police Department: Pistol Permit Applications

Mason Fire-EMS Department: Fire Permits

Mason Planning Board:Subdivision Regulations, Site Plan Review Regulations, Master Plan, Subdivision Applications

Links to other web pages:

Mason's Regional Planning Commission.

NH Secretary of State

NH Laws (RSA)

The Mason Grapevine (Mason's local monthly newsletter)

Mason Congregational Church

NH Tour Guide - interesting information about NH

USGenWeb page for Mason, NH (genealogy)

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You can force most browsers to download the file by using Option-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) on the link instead of a simple click.