Mason Planning Board
16 Darling Hill Road
Mason, NH 03048

Meetings: Last Wednesday of the month, 7:30 PM at Mann House

To Schedule a Hearing please contact:

Nashua Regional Planning Commission

9 Executive Park Drive, Suite 201

Merrimack, NH 03054-4058

Ph: (603) 424-2240

Fx: (603) 424-2230


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General Information

Documents & Maps Documents & Maps

Ordinances: "01-MAS251-2016-1_PlngOrd-NH_FPOrd-amended_6-07-2016.pdf"


Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Mason Planning Board: UNOFFICIAL Mason-NH website pages:

Planning Board Meetings:

Planning Board Agendas & Minutes

Planning Board documents:

Subdivision Regulations:

SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS, revised March 25, 2009, file:MAS251-2010-2_SD_Reg_and_Appendix_A_B_C_amended_3_25_2009.pdf, 652 KB

PLANNING BOARD RULES OF PROCEDURE, Revised May 27, 2009, file:MAS251-2010-0_PB_Rules_Of_Procedure_amended_5_27_2009.pdf, 48 KB

Site Plan Regulations:

Site Plan Review Regulations, revised January 7, 2009, file:MAS251-2010-3_SP_Reg_amended_1_7_2009.pdf, 76 KB

Instructions for Site Plan Review Applicants, revised January 7, 2009, file:MAS251-2010-4_App_A_Instructions_for_Site_Plan_Applicants_amended_1_7_2009.pdf, 48 KB

SITE PLAN REVIEW CHECKLIST, Revised June 2001, file:MAS251-2010-5_Site_Plan_Review_Checklist_amended_6_2001.pdf, 60 KB

Planning (Zoning) Ordinance and general Town information

PLANNING (Zoning) ORDINANCE, revised March 2010, file:MAS251-2010-1_ZN_BC_Ord_Gen_Info_amended_3_2010.pdf, 272 KB
Including: Floodplain Development Ordinance, BUILDING CODE (April 2004)
and GENERAL INFORMATION: Emergency & Town Office Telephone Numbers, Map of Zoning Districts & Tax Maps, FEMA Flood Hazard Boundary Maps, and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Effective Date: September 25, 2009

Master Plan

Master Plan, 2007 (.PDF 2.9 MB)

Appendices A..D, Basic Water Studies (.PDF 1.1 MB)


2-1 Land Use (.PDF 468 K)

2-2 Current Use (.PDF 500 K)

2-3 Potential Limitations to Development (.PDF 700 K)

2-4 Zoning (.PDF 460 K)

5-1 Conservation Land (.PDF 440 K)

6-1 Watershed Boundaries and Hydrography (.PDF 424 K)

6-2 Bedrock Geology (.PDF 532 K)

6-3 Stratified Drift Aquifers and Water Supplies (.PDF 484 K)

6-4 Land Use by Watershed (.PDF 480 K)

7-1 Household Density (.PDF 428 K)

8-1 Transportation Infrastructure, Functional Classification (.PDF 376 K)

8-2 Pavement Characteristics and Problem Areas (.PDF 444 K)

Chpt 6, Drinking Water Resources and Potential Contamination Sources (.PDF 1 MB)

Supporting studies

Master Plan Vision, 2001 (.PDF 252 K)

School System Questionnaire Results, Dec 2003 (.PDF 84 K)

Mason 2005 Master Plan Questionnaire Results (.PDF 172 K)

Mason 2005 Master Plan Questionnaire (.PDF 76 K)

Historical studies

Mason 1996 Master Plan Questionnaire (.PDF 800 K)

Proposed amendments to Zoning Ordinance for Workforce Housing - AS WERE PRESENTED AT January 27, 2010 Second (FINAL) Hearing

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) (.PDF 120 KB). (ADOPTED)

Multi-Family (.PDF 96 KB). (ADOPTED)

Open Space Development (.PDF 156 KB). (WITHDRAWN)

Workforce Housing Report, November 2009

Workforce Housing Report, Nov 2009 (.PDF 564 KB). Note: there are some differences between the PDF and the official Microsoft Word layouts.

Workforce Housing Report, Nov 2009 (MS Word 480 KB)

Workforce Housing Appendices, Nov 2009 (.PDF 788 KB)

Workforce Housing Appendices, Nov 2009 (MS Word 876 KB)

Dotsie Millbrandt of the Mason Planning Board's explanation of the two flood-plain related 2009 warrant articles (.PDF 40 K)