September 13, 2011
Selectmen's Meeting

Present: C. Guiry Chairman, A. Richards, R. P. McGinnity, & A.A. Milkovits

Also present: 3 residents, 1 Press

Meeting opened at 7:30 PM. Vendor checks were discussed and check register signed.

  1. Agenda:
  2. Appointments:
    1. Conservation Commission members: Chairman Robert Larochelle, Elizabeth Fletcher, and Robert Dillberger and David Baker member of Wilton snowmobile club met with the Board to discuss the plans for replacing the trestle bridge on the Rail Trail at Jackson Road. The ConCom has two options for the trestle replacement: for $3900 – pressure treated lumber to replace the ties. Price does not include hardware or guardrails. They feel that new RR ties are not the same quality as the old ties. The present decking on the bridge is 12’ wide by 27’ long. The snowmobile club is planning on providing the labor for this project. The second option is to use concrete panels. For $4,500 – (3) 12’ wide by 9’ long panels would be built and delivered in place by Lamarre Concrete. There would be enough reinforcing to support pickup trucks. If more strength is needed as for dump trucks then the ConCom feels that other Town departments could absorb the cost difference. Mr. Baker stated that the 6 ton rating would be more than adequate for the FD Forestry truck to go over. That would be the only truck used for fires in that area of the RR trail. The snowmobile club would be providing the labor for this. It seems that the ConCom is leaning towards choosing the concrete replacement. Mr. Dillberger did not agree with using the concrete for aesthetic reasons. Pat Letourneau, speaking as a member of the local horse group MANE, had a concern for horses traveling over the concrete bridge especially when wet. She suggested a recycled rubber covering for the concrete decking. She will research the company that produces the covering for the ConCom. Chairman Guiry suggested that the ConCom contact the state Bridges and Dams Agency for any pertinent regulations. The ConCom will also contact town consulting engineer and have him review the plans before any final decision is made. The Selectmen agreed that the concrete panel plan would be the best option for longevity and price. Selectmen also reminded the Commission that whoever is providing the labor must also provide a certificate of insurance (liability) to the town. The trestle area must have physical barriers to block the opening during construction. The ConCom will decide and vote on bridge options at their next meeting.
    2. Planning Board members: Chairman Pam Lassen, Eric Anderson, Bruce Mann and Dorothy Millbrandt discussed some issues from a recent lot line adjustment hearing. The applicant’s son and an abutter were also present for the discussion. Chairman Lassen and member Bruce Mann gave an over view of the continued hearing and some of their land use questions. They have questions on whether the lot line adjustment is changing the use of the land by allowing frontage of 79’ and possibly creating a non-conforming lot and if the Planning Board can take that action to grant the lot line adjustment. The Planning Board requested approval from the Board to contact an Attorney specializing in land use issues. Chairman Lassen had contacted local Attorney Bill Drescher, who does handle land use matters at $175/hour. After more discussion, a motion was made, seconded and voted in the affirmative by the Board of Selectmen to grant the Planning Board the authority to engage an attorney who is an expert in land use issues. Selectman McGinnity appreciated the Planning Board coming to the Selectmen to discuss this matter and request permission. The Planning Board also feels it would be helpful to have an attorney knowledgeable in land use matters occasionally attend their meetings.

      On another matter, Chairman Guiry raised the issue of the Capital Improvement Plan. In 2007 the Town gave the Selectmen authority to appoint a CIP Committee. At this time there is no committee. The NRPC could assist the Planning Board in developing the CIP for $3500. There is no money in the budget for the plan this year. After more discussion, member Bruce Mann stated that he would work on the CIP with the Planning Board.

  3. Selectmen reviewed the following:
    1. From Department of Labor: Safety Inspection Report – each violation must be addressed. The town has been fined $200 for not updating the Written Safety Program since 1995 and the Joint Loss Committee not meeting regularly. The Joint Loss Committee will be meeting next Thursday and working on the Written Safety Program. Selectmen reviewed the draft Program and discussed all the violations listed in the inspection report. Most violations have been corrected or are in the process of complying. The retrofitting of the Town Clerk’s and Selectmen’s offices for workplace violence will require more time and funds to comply. Depending on the balance in the Town Buildings budget, some of the work on the offices may be deferred to the 2012 budget. Selectmen will visit other town offices for ideas on changing the offices for safety. A response will be sent to the D.O.L. detailing the corrections made to the violations.
    2. Re: Tropical Storm Irene – copy of email from Police Chief Hutchins to Road Agent Greenwood, praising the Highway Department’s work before the storm, ditching the roads, etc. This lessened the PD’s work during the storm for traffic issues, etc. No roads were closed during the storm at one point there was 62% of the town without power but this was restored in 2 days. Both the PD and the HD had some overtime hours. Even though Hillsborough County was not included in the major disaster declaration, because of earlier emergency declaration the County is eligible for reimbursements for activities under Category B, Protective Measures. The town will submit the overtime charges for reimbursement.
    3. Petition Warrant Article for five member Board of Selectmen – the petitioner list will be reviewed by the Supervisors of the Checklist and the Town Clerk.
    4. Re: Culvert replacement on Class VI section of Hurricane Hill Road – received five thousand dollar letter of credit from D. H. Hardwick & Sons, loggers on Edelblut timber project, lot F-40. Culvert will be replaced according to town engineer and Road Agent’s specs. Granite State Forestry will be billed for town engineer’s review.
    5. Completion Certificate: Larochelle, lot B-19-2, electrical service
    6. Building Permits: #11-17A Larochelle, lot B-19-2 electrical service; #11-18 Merrill, lot B-14-3 shed; #11-19 Arrasmith, lot F-13-2 shed
    7. From BI: Re: Apartment in barn – Lombardo, owner of lot E-31, now will build house first not barn.
    8. Police logs
    9. Thank you note from Kirk Farrell to PD for patrolling Scripps Lane and quarry area.
    10. MS-1 extension granted until October 3, 2011.
    11. Warrant for Special Town Meeting on October 1, 2011
    12. Memo from Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector- she will take over TC/TxC’s position after Mrs. Wagoner leaves in December until March election.
    13. Re: Town Clerk/Tax Collector position - Resume and letter from Martin Milkovits
    14. Mortgagee’s Notice of Sale of Real Property: 676 Starch Mill Road, public auction on September 7, 2011.
    15. From Primex: notice seeking roster of CERT volunteers. Primex will charge an additional $10 per volunteer. The town does not have any such volunteers.
    16. 2012 Budget Requests: CASA - $500 & Red Cross - $200 No decision was made on these requests.
    17. From NH Health Alert Network: Info on Flu 2011-2012
    18. Other correspondence

Selectmen discussed TC/TxC Wagoner’s request for sending 2 people to the Town Clerk/Tax Collector Conference. Since her budget line for conferences is only $1300, there is not enough to send two. A memo will be sent to Mrs. Wagoner to only send the Deputy to the conference.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.