July 12, 2011
Selectmen's Meeting

Present: C. Guiry DMD Ch., A. Richards, R. P. McGinnity, & A.A. Milkovits

Also present: 5 residents

Meeting opened at 7:30 PM. Vendor checks were discussed and signed.

  1. Agenda:
  2. Appointments:
    1. Road Agent Frederick Greenwood – paving and sealing. Road Agent discussed the ongoing road maintenance, specifically the three areas of most concern as recommended by the Roads Committee: Abbott Hill Road, Campbell Mill Road and Wilton Road. The Highway Department purchased 1,955 tons of R.A.P. (recycled asphalt product) for less than $20,000, which will be laid on the three roads. One hundred ton of R.A.P. was put down on Abbott Hill Road today. Mr. Greenwood proposed to seal all three roads this year. He outlined how he would transfer some of the HD’s budget lines to pay for the additional cost of paving, while the bottom line of the HD would not be overrun:
      1. $60,000 remaining in Paved Road Restoration line after purchase of R.A.P.
      2. $50,000 in warrant article to seal roads.
      3. $5,000 transfer from the calcium chloride line. There is still 5 to 6 miles of calcium material left to do roads.
      4. $5,000 transfer from the patch line.
      5. $25,000 transfer from unused payroll lines.
      6. Since the Consulting Engineer line, Tree Work line, and Guard Rail line will not be spent this year, this will offset the over-expenditure in the Plowing line.
      Selectmen discussed the merits of his proposal and the conditions of the three roads. They were not in agreement with transferring from the payroll lines and generally felt that it would be better for the town to realize the savings if the total budget is not spent. Mr. Greenwood assured the Board that this was a proposal only, and was their decision to make. He could get as much roadwork done this year within the budget and plan next year to get more paving done. Selectmen voted to table this issue until the next meeting. Pat Letourneau, Wilton Road, made some comments about water coming through the road and did not want the road sealed at her address. Her questions and comments became very rude until Selectman McGinnity closed the meeting to public comments.
    2. Fire Chief David Baker –Re: antenna move. Chief Baker presented the Board with a bid for $36,200 from 2-Way Communications Service to move and set up the antenna at the Police Station. This cost would be split between the Fire, Police and Highway Departments. After more discussion, it was decided that more testing for radio coverage is needed and that Chief Baker would try to get other bids to move the antenna.
  3. Selectmen reviewed the following:
    1. From FCC: Radio Station Authorization – Reg. # 0003663408
    2. From NRPC: Hazard Mitigation Plan – this will be formally adopted on July 26, 2011.
    3. Designation letter from Suzanne M. Kelly, Treasurer. This allows Selectmen’s designee to handle accounting and other financial issues of the Town. Mrs. Kelly will continue to do bank deposits and sign all checks, including payroll.
    4. From Rep. Jim Belanger: sample letters to send concerning Senate Districting and other House districts. Selectman McGinnity will contact Representative Belanger to find out more about this issue before the Board sends any letters.
    5. From Tax Collector: copies of notices of impending tax deeding; new language for the Property Tax warrant, extending the tax receipts totals due the Treasurer from $500 to $1,500.
    6. From the Building Inspector: Bounds memo – lot D-39
    7. B.O.A. notice of hearing on July 18, 2011 for McGuire, lot H-70 for a Special Exception for a Bed and Breakfast, lot H-70 1042 Hurricane Hill Road, owners Michael & Tina McGuire.
    8. From NRPC: Regional Energy Update – letter was signed by the Board to participate in the group.
    9. From Kirk Farrell, Brookline Road: concern for deterioration of the decking on the RR trestle on Jackson Road. Mr. Farrell is concerned that horses’ hooves could get caught in the gaps in the boards and get injured along with their riders. This will be forwarded to the Conservation Commission for immediate action. Building Inspector Kenneth Wilson will be sent to inspect the trestle and report his findings to the Board and CC.
    10. From D.E.S.: Notice of acceptance of septic permit applications.
    11. Police logs
    12. From Wally Brown: Old Home Day reminder and reminder for Liberty Elm dedication. Selectmen will be on hand for dedication at noon on August 28th.
    13. Adjourned property auction sale to August 5, 2011 – 676 Starch Mill Road, lot D-2-1
    14. Email from Garth Fletcher concerning the ex-officio status on the Board of Adjustment. Charles Moser presented a letter to the Selectmen concerning this matter and also the ex-officio position on the CC. Mr. Moser contends that the RSAs only allow an ex-officio on the Planning Board. Selectmen inquired why this matter became such a concern since having a Selectman ex-officio on the B.O.A. has been the practice for many years in the Town. This matter will be reviewed by Town Counsel and was continued to a later date.
    15. Petition for Special Town Meeting to decide if the Town shall elect a road agent – presented by Charles Moser. This will be reviewed by Town Counsel and was continued to a later date.
    16. Other correspondence
  4. Selectmen signed the following:
    1. Yield Warrant for $492.41 for lots E-16, E-20
    2. Intent to Cut, Supplemental – lot E-21
    3. Current Use Penalty – Lot J-76-4, Jonas owner, for $7,500
Meeting adjourned at 8:36 PM.