June 28, 2011
Selectmen's Meeting

Present: C. Guiry DMD Ch., A. Richards, R. P. McGinnity, & A.A. Milkovits

Also present: 4 residents & 3 CC members & 1 Press

Meeting opened at 7:30 PM.
Vendor checks were discussed and signed.

  1. Agenda:
  2. Appointments:
    1. In response to Charles Moser’s letter concerning the handling of the Town finances, Suzanne Kelly, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer Patricia Greene met with the Board. After review of the RSAs, the Selectmen agreed that changes have to be made. Mrs. Kelly also was concerned as the CC had been sending her invoices to be paid without any further information from the Selectmen. She also stated that she was happy with the way the accounting and bookkeeping was handled in the Selectmen’s Office and wished things to continue but would also like to better understand the processes. Mrs. Greene also discussed the RSAs governing the Treasurer’s duties and the CC’s expenditures. After more discussion and input from the public in attendance, the following was decided:
      1. Per RSA Mrs. Kelly will delegate the accounting functions for the Town accounts to the Selectmen’s designee.
      2. The Treasurer will continue to do all deposits.
      3. Selectmen, after approving the expenditures, will sign a manifest of the vendor checks to be paid, and the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer will sign the checks either on the meeting night or the next day.
      4. Only the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer will sign the vendor checks and payroll checks.
      5. Mrs. Kelly will work with A.A. Milkovits on reconciling the accounts and Mrs. Kelly will sign off on all reconciliations. All present were satisfied with this arrangement. Mrs. Kelly will meet with Mrs. Milkovits Wednesday morning to review the accounting and sign the vendor checks and also run checks for the CC invoices.
  3. Selectmen reviewed the following:
    1. Letter from CC concerning their emailed consultation with the DRA and the Secretary of State’s Office over the reimbursement for publication. The DRA gave their approval for the reimbursement. Both Treasurers were present for this discussion. The RSAs only require the Treasurer to pay out the CC funds, without Selectmen’s approval. Selectman McGinnity made a motion that was seconded and voted in the affirmative, in relation to the disbursement of CC funds to reimburse printing of CC information for Town Meeting, to correct this error and approve this expenditure. Mr. Garth Fletcher raised an objection to the motion as he felt it was a moot point as the RSAs entitled the CC to the reimbursement. After more discussion, Mr. Fletcher withdrew his objection and the motion was approved. Discussion ensued over best methods for submitting CC invoices. The process will be that the CC votes to approve the expenses at their meeting. Then invoices with the minutes attached will be sent to A.A. Milkovits for processing through the Town’s accounts. Treasurer will sign checks and checks will be sent to vendor by Selectmen’s Office. All present approved this procedure.
    2. From David Baker – copy of hay lease and work he had done for CC in 2010. This will be submitted to the auditor.
    3. Cease and Desist order on lot D-13 – as of this date no Intent to Cut has been filed. This matter will be given to Town Counsel for advice.
    4. Re: Iodice – no Report of Cut: Town Forester will be contacted to inspect the lots for logging and report to the Board. Doomage will be assessed.
    5. Bond for logging operation on Firemen’s Bend, lot F-40. Loggers wish to use about 300 feet of the Class VI portion of Hurricane Hill Road for access. A $5,000 Letter of Credit will be requested from D. H. Hardwick. The culvert on the Class VI portion will need to be replaced which may cost about $1,500. This cost will be taken out of the Letter of Credit.
    6. From Building Inspector: copy of letter to DES concerning the state septic approval for Arsenault, lot K-29. The septic setback was not used in the design and the system must be replaced at the same site as the old system. Therefore Mr. Wilson is denying this approval and requesting a new design that he will approve as Deputy Health Officer.
    7. Completion Certificate: Maillet for ADU for lot H-45-1
    8. Police logs
    9. From Jeannette Nickerson – question on what is procedure for filing complaint against taxes. An abatement application will be sent to her.
    10. From NRPC: Information on Regional Cooperative Energy Initiative & Fiscal Year 2012 Budget & Work Program Report. Selectmen are interested in participating in the Regional Cooperative Energy Initiative. Mr. Moser, who was present, stated that the NRPC has level funded the Town’s charge for FY 2012. He also submitted two names: Pam Lassen and Steven Hoffman for the Broadband Stakeholders Group.
    11. Email from Jon Bryan, re: solar exemption – Richard Rockwood will be contacted for his progress on his review of solar exemptions in neighboring towns.
    12. Email from Wolfgang Millbrandt, re: broadband
    13. From LCHIP – check for monitoring easement – this will be sent to the CC.
    14. Other correspondence
Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.