June 14, 2011
Selectmen's Meeting

Present: C. Guiry DMD Ch., A. Richards, R. P. McGinnity, & A.A. Milkovits

Also present: Three residents

Meeting opened at 7:30 PM.
Vendor checks were discussed and signed.

  1. Agenda:
  2. Appointments:
    1. DRA Municipal Director Stephan Hamilton was not able to make the meeting and sent the Assistant Director David Cornell and Municipal Appraiser Gregg instead. Town Assessor Richard Rockwood was also present for the discussion. Mr. Cornell explained at length about the equalization ratio process; that there must be 20 valid sales which could involve using previous year’s sales; some time trending may used on older sales; the same computer modeling is used for equality throughout the state; and also how the ratio affects the county and state school tax assessments. He emphasized that the equalization ratio sales study is one of the most important tools in determining the Town valuation. Also discussed was the C.O.D. – which is a confidence indicator. Mr. Rockwood had some questions on the trending of some of the older sales used. Mr. Cornell will research his question.
    2. Kenneth Wilson, Building Inspector met to discuss the following:
      1. Revise Building Permit Fees – he outlined the history of the fee schedule for the Building Permits which follow the “Dodge Report”. The fees used were in the lower range of values in the report. Mr. Wilson would like to increase the fees to the higher middle range. The proposed fees are still under true construction costs. After some discussion, a motion was made, seconded and voted in the affirmative to accept the new Building Permit fee schedule as presented.
      2. Thank You Note – was received from potential new residents who appreciated the help and information received from Mr. Wilson and A.A. Milkovits on properties, assessments, building codes, and other pertinent Town information.
      Mr. Wilson, representing the Wolf Rockers Square Dance Club, presented a letter from the Club detailing their proposed donation of two Automated External Defibrillators (A.E.D.s), one for the Town Hall and one for the Mann House. Mr. Wilson explained that the Town Hall has a lot of use by the square dancers, Mothers’ Group, Cub Scouts and others. And the Mann House with the Library and other Town Offices always has people in the building. The Club thought it was important to cover both these buildings with this important equipment. This donation to the Town and, through its use, the potential to save lives, is truly appreciated. Thank you Wolf Rockers!
    3. Police Chief Hutchins met with the Board to discuss the following:
      1. Concern for vote at Town Meeting on changing the new employee’s contribution to the Health and Dental Insurances. Chief Hutchins feels that the intent of the Meeting was to “grandfather” the present full time employees for the Town’s payment of 100% of the Health Insurance. He would like to see the Board put a statement to that effect in the Personnel Policy. There was a statement added to the policy that any new employee hired after March 14, 2011 will be responsible for 20% contribution to their health and dental insurances. Selectmen agreed with his request and will add a statement to the policy that will specify that all full time employees hired prior to March 12, 2011 will continue to be eligible for 100% paid health benefits.
      2. Cruiser issue – 2006 Pathfinder is now off the road and the Chief has borrowed a cruiser from Brookline Police Department. The new cruiser should be ready in a month. Shrewsbury, MA will be selling a 2008 Crown Vic cruiser that has 35,000 miles on a new motor with lights for $2,200. The Chief requested the authority to research the vehicle and if it is feasible for the Mason PD to purchase it. That cruiser would be a good extra vehicle to have for court runs, etc. The money for the cruiser would come from his cruiser maintenance budget line. A motion was made, seconded and voted in the affirmative to give the Chief the authority to research the vehicle and if feasible, purchase it for the Mason PD.
      3. Town lot K-52 – Chief Hutchins requested that the Selectmen stop pursuing the use of lot K-52 for the Mason PD. He feels that more difficulties will arise in the future with the abutting residents over the use of the right-of-way to the property and with the training of K-9 and other police activities on the property. He proposed that Town owned lot L-36, 960 Townsend Road would be a better property for training use. This lot currently houses the antenna site with a small utility building and has about 20 acres. There are plans to move the antenna off the site which would leave the building and lot vacant. This would be a better option for the PD training site as the Chief could use the building for storage of K-9 training items. There is electricity on the lot and fencing around the utility building. And there would be plenty of area to set up the training site and a firing range. Since there are no abutting residences to the lot, there shouldn’t be any complaints about the PD’s use of that area. After more discussion, a motion was made, seconded and voted affirmative to grant the Chief permission to move the PD training operation to 960 Townsend Road, lot L-36 and to use the property for PD training.
      4. Background Checks on New Employees – Selectmen have requested that the Mason PD perform all criminal background checks, including driving records for pre-employment of new hires.
      5. OHRV Law Enforcement Grant – Selectmen reviewed the grant application. A motion was made, seconded, and voted in the affirmative by the Selectmen to authorize Police Chief Barry Hutchins to enter into the contract with signature authority for the OHRV Law Enforcement Grant through the New Hampshire Fish and Game.
      Chairman Guiry made a motion that was seconded and voted in the affirmative for a non-public session at 8:57 PM. Present were Selectmen, A.A. Milkovits and Police Chief Hutchins. Discussion involved a possible investigation. Meeting ended at 9:01 PM.
    4. Road Agent Greenwood discussed the following:
      1. Town seals – Fire chief Baker has located company that had originally made the seals. Sets of seals will be purchased for all Town vehicles.
      2. Two new Highway vehicles are ready for pick up on Thursday. Both were purchased under budget!
      3. Spreading calcium chloride – 3 methods have been used: hand spread, Spread by machine and flakes in water spread. Starch Mill Road is holding up very well from applications. Application method is determined by weather. The Town has saved substantially on application by using our Highway Department.
      4. Resident had raised concern for communication by Highway Department, via town trucks. Resident had witnessed what he thought was a possible burglary on Starch Mill Road and had asked HD employees working on the road nearby to call it into the Police. He understood them to say that their truck radio could not call out. According to Mr. Greenwood the employees had used their HD truck radio to notify the dispatch who contacted the Police. What the employees were telling the resident was that at that particular road there wasn’t a good radio connection. The resident was satisfied that the call went through and there are communication capabilities through the HD truck radios.
      5. New personnel for the HD – Selectmen reviewed the background checks and approved the hiring of two new employees: one full time and one part time.
    5. Charles Moser, Town Commissioner to the NRPC, requested authority from the Board to vote the 2012-13 NRPC budget at the Commissioner’s meeting on June 15th. Selectmen approved his request. Also discussed was the Broadband Stakeholder Group sponsored by the NRPC. Mr. Moser was looking for additions to this group. Selectmen suggested that he contact Bruce Mann, Wolfgang Millbrandt and Steve Hoffman for this committee. On another matter, Mr. Moser presented the Selectmen with a letter outlining his concerns for the handling of town funds. He also sent copies of this letter to the Town Clerk, Treasurer, DRA Auditor, and Conservation Commission. In his letter, he refers to RSA 41:29 that refers to Treasurer’s duties and he emphasized that only the Treasurer should be signing checks and have custody of town funds. Attorney Little had been consulted earlier on this matter and also recommended that the Treasurer sign all checks, after the Selectmen approve the expenditure. This matter was continued until the next meeting where the Treasurer will be invited to further discuss this.
  3. Selectmen reviewed the following:
    1. Website introduction by Selectmen – this was approved and will be sent to Bob Hemmer
    2. From Conservation Commission – lease for Dennis Graham Selectmen discussed whether repair work on house at 135 Old Ashby Road should be done by the tenant. The Board feels that any repair work that could affect the liability of the property should be done by licensed personnel. Selectman McGinnity, as the ex-officio of the CC, will discuss this further with the Conservation Commission at their next meeting. The lease was signed by Chairman Guiry.
    3. Building Permits: #11-10 Tucker, lot D-27-2, shed; #11-11 Rafter, lot H-1 upgrade electrical.
    4. Appeal from Calphams Bedford Holdings, LLC for late inventory – Selectmen maintained their denial of abatement as they did not feel that the reasons for Extension of Time for Filing were valid excuses.
    5. From Fabian, 314 Brookline Road, lot E-35 – new appraisal to be added to their abatement application. The abatement was again denied as the appraisal submitted was for mortgage purposes only.
    6. From Ford Credit – approval for lease/purchase for Police cruiser
    7. Police logs
    8. Budget spreadsheet from Wilton Recycling Center
    9. Letter from auditors Plodzik & Sanderson with comments and recommendations from the 2010 audit.
    10. From NH Division of Forests and Lands: approval for Kenneth Spacht as Deputy Forest Fire Warden
    11. Complete Forestry Notification: Bloom, lot E-21
    12. From Town Clerk: copy of notification from the State Liquor Commission for an application from Nicole Ruggiero for a Restaurant beverage/wine liquor license for 96 Old Turnpike Road. This is a transfer of license from the deceased Linda Ruggiero.
    13. From LGC HealthTrust: Certificate of Participation for Barbara Milkovits - Health& Safety Coordinator
    14. From LGC-PLIT 2011 renewal
    15. Other correspondence
  4. Selectmen signed the following:
    1. Timber Warrants: Rollo, lot L-16 for $155.75, Wolpert, lot K-6 for $282.00
    2. Intent to Cut: Merrill, lots B-14-2, B-14-3

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 PM to be continued in non-public session. At 10:10 PM Chairman Guiry made a motion, which was seconded and voted in the affirmative to enter into non-public session for a personnel issue and welfare issue. Present were the Selectmen and A.A. Milkovits. Personnel issue was discussed and files reviewed. Welfare issue was discussed and decision was made to issue a $500 check to family.